About Us

About Us

founder of zhakkasbahu. iranna vajrawad
zhakkasbahu. iranna vajrawad

Something about me

My name is actually Iranna Vajravad. But because my name was a bit strange, the friends named my name Veeru. My name is so.  Because I was born in Karnataka. I have been born in Karnataka. But I have studied Maharashtra in Sangli.  and im founder of zhakkasbahu.

  • Talk about my studies

I do not know anything until 10th class. Then I went to the 11th MCVC and MREDA Course. I had a friend. His name is (Vinod Patil). We both are together since childhood. And will stay.

My friend was to study engineering electrician.

But he did it for me in ITI Electrician We both went together and studied together and passed together and passed together. We went ahead in the classroom and the marks started coming well. Yes, my friend did not talk to me about this dream so far.

Next Story A few days later. coomin soon………

मराठी सिनेमा सृष्टितिल लखलखत्या तरयांसाठी एक नविन ओळख अणि हास्य पदा साठीच zhakkas bahu ची zhakkas सुरुवात.

नमस्कार मित्रांनो माझे नाव iranna  (veeru vhajrvad ) मी या zhakkas bahu फेसबुक पेजवर तुम्हाला नवीन फिल्म किंवा नवीन फिल्म ची येणारी माहिती तुम्हाला देत राहीन या पेजला लाईक करा मित्रांना शेअर करा